Characteristics Of A Good Public Speaker

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A good public speaker will be a person who will be able to grab the attention of the audience towards a specific topic he or she has chosen to speak on. The importance is that these individuals have the power of keeping that attention consistently till the end of the speech of the occasion. If you want someone to speak at an event you will be trying to find the most appropriate one that would also contribute in making your full event successful. There are a few qualities that you can look for while looking for such a person.

Should be an energetic person

Energy within an orator is an essential characteristic. Even if this person has many ideas which are thought out of the box and are very unique they would all be useless if he or she does not know how to deliver it in a way that is interesting. An energetic person will always be remembered for how they presented. More than the content of the speech, the energy will be contagious and will even last long in the memories of those who are gathered in the audience.


The audiences these individuals speak will be different from one to another. They will have to speak to different audiences such as students, professionals, general audiences and etc. They tend to use different tactics in order to make these sessions interesting. A conference speaker will have to be more professional than one who speaks at a college or a school gathering. For school children, they might tend to use stories or jokes but the same may or may not be appropriate for a matured audience. Hence, it is important that they are able to think independently and adapt according to the situation.


Some of these orators will be professionals who have gone through special sessions of communication skills training in order to improve their skills while the others might be naturally good in what they do. However, it is important that they have prior experiences. It is more important that they share their own experiences in order to inspire the audience and to motivate them to be more expressive and to change their perception on life and its themes for the betterment of everyone.

The above are a few important characteristics that should be present in a public speaker. Additionally, they should also be good with their timing and be able to touch people’s hearts with their words. You should keep these in mind while searching for an orator for your next program.

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